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Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO)
PhD Fellowship in the area of Interaction Design
Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO)
AHO is a scientific institution providing education within architecture and industrial design, awarding the titles of PhD, Master of architecture, Master of industrial design and Master of landscape architecture.
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Publiseringsdato: 2 months ago
Søknadsfrist: Feb 28
Plassering: Oslo, Norway
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PhD Fellowship in the area of Interaction Design

The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) is a specialized university and a leading international architecture and design school that provides education within architecture, landscape architecture, urbanism and design. AHOs fields of knowledge focus on design in all scales, objects, buildings, urban areas and landscaping. AHO is organized into four institutes, and has approx. 700 students and 145 employees.

The Institute of Design adopts a broad, holistic approach to design that emphasizes the relevance and importance of design within our contemporary society. It teaches and researches within the fields of industrial design, interaction design, service design, and systems oriented design, as well as themes that go across these disciplines, such as healthcare or maritime industry. Our perspective is that good design creates aesthetic and functional products, services, and experiences that delight and improve the lives of their users.The Institute nurtures a designerly approach in shaping potential futures in new, creative, valuable, and responsible ways.

PhD Fellowship in the area of Interaction Design

The Institute of Design wishes to strengthen its research within interaction design and calls for candidates who are motivated to investigate how to design for next generation user interfaces in medium and large organizations.

In the coming years interaction designers will increasingly be able to compose advanced user interfaces by using people’s entire connected context as a resource for interface innovation. This will allow people to access digital services, adapted to their situated needs, through user interfaces composed across any available interaction technologies such as screens, speakers, mobile devices, augmented reality devices and sensors. Such interfaces are especially important in professional environments, for example at hospitals, ships or in control rooms, where users access digital services, delivered by multiple vendors, in diverse contexts.

Designing user interfaces for such heterogeneous and diverse contexts is a challenge for design practice and there is a need for research into how to realise next generation user interfaces. We therefore invite promising applicants to investigate how interaction designers may design for next generation situated and distributed multimodal user-interfaces across medium and large organisations. This work may include research questions such as:

  • How to design user interface architecture for situated interaction? In order to be able to deliver digital services to specific situations, there is a need to understand how to transform a set of heterogeneous interaction resources in a given situation into an architecture for sharing digital services.
  • How to design multimodal adaptive user interfaces? In order for digital services to adapt to situated scenarios across an organisation there is a need to understand how to design user interfaces that can scale across very diverse compositions of interaction technology.
  • How to carry out user centred design for situated interaction across an organisation? In order to realise user-friendly situated interaction there is a need to develop new design methods and processes supporting user centred design of situated interaction architecture and interfaces across an organisation.

We especially welcome proposals that show an ability to integrate design practice and experimentation as part of the research work.

The PhD will be supervised by Associate Professor Kjetil Nordby and will work closely with the interaction design research group at the Institute of Design. The research is of strategic interests to the group and the researcher will be able to draw on the experiences and results from ongoing research projects at AHO within health care and ocean industries. The Institute of design has a large network within industry, public sector and research, which will be used as a resource for research cases supporting the PhD project. The advertised position is part of the wider design and research strategy of the Institute for Design at AHO that encompasses the Centre for Design Research (CDR) (


Applicants must have:

  • A Master’s Degree or equivalent in interaction design with a strong interaction design portfolio.
  • Practical experience in interaction design.

 The application should include:

  • A fully completed Application Form (see below) with uploaded educational certificates, transcript of records and letters of recommendation.
  • A letter of application describing why the applicant is motivated to carry out a PhD and feels qualified for this position. In particular, the applicant should describe the question from the above list that they are particularly interested in, and explain their motivation to work with it (maximum of two A4 pages).
  • A written project proposal (up to five pages) detailing the theme, types of problem and the research method(s) you propose to use in your project.
  • A portfolio of your work/design experience.
  • A Curriculum Vitae (contact details, summary of education, positions and academic work, academic publications, design work, competencies in software etc.) especially highlighting aspects relevant to this proposal.
  • List of publications and academic work that the applicant wishes to be considered by the evaluation committee, if not included in the CV.
  • Examples of academic publications and work written (where relevant) by the applicant. Three works maximum.
  • Names and contact details of 3 references (name, relation to candidate, e-mail address and telephone number).

Applicants who do not have English or a Scandinavian language as their mother tongue must submit documentation of their proficiency in English (TOEFL-test or similar). Foreign applicants must attach an explanation of their university’s grading system.

All documentation for the application should be in English. Exam transcripts in a Scandinavian language are accepted.

Evaluation criteria

Applications will be evaluated based upon a combination of factors:

  • Previous experience in the field of interaction design
  • The quality of the submitted project proposal and supporting documentation
  • The relevance and innovation potential of the submitted proposal to the field and the research at the Institute of Design

Position & Salary

The length of the fellowship will be three or four years fulltime, dependent on whether the candidate is found qualified to undertake teaching duties as part of the PhD position. The position requires full time residency for the full 3- or 4-year period. Research stay at a relevant international academic institution is a possible.

The PhD fellowship will start in September 2017.

The PhD candidate is required to attend the AHO Research School in his or her first year. This is a mandatory introduction program for all PhD candidates admitted to the PhD program at AHO. The Research School runs for two semesters and has a total scope of 45 ECTS. Research School attendance is compulsory.

We offer:

  • An annual salary of NOK 432.700 - 489.300 (salary level 50-57), depending on qualifications
  • A professionally stimulating working environment
  • Membership in the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund (a monthly deduction of 2% of gross salary will be made as a contribution to the fund)

For inquiries on the position, please contact Associate Professor Kjetil Nordby / +47 99001028.

More information about PhD fellowships at AHO can be found at:

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