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Eindhoven University of Technology
Eindhoven University of Technology
Plassering Eindhoven, Netherlands
PhD studentship on nano-optomechanics
The Photonics and Semiconductor Nanophysics group at the Eindhoven University of Technology (The Netherlands, http://www.phys.tue.nl/psn) has an open PhD student position in the field of nano-optomechanics. Goal and background This project aims at answering this seemingly...
7 hours ago
The Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ) establishes the PhD Fellowship Programme with the aim to support excellent students from all over the world to enrol in a training and research programme in the area of chemistry ultimately leading to the completion of a...
2 days ago | Søknadsfrist: Aug 07
Stockholm University
Stockholm University
Plassering Stockholm, Sweden | Søknadsfrist: Aug 07
Två doktorander i fysikalisk kemi
vid Institutionen för material och miljökemi. (Sista ansökningsdag: 2017-05-02.) Förlängd ansökningstid t.o.m.: 2017-08-07. Institutionen för material och miljökemi är en av de större institutionerna inom Stockholms universitets naturvetenskapliga fakultet med ca...
3 days ago | Søknadsfrist: Jun 30
Aalto University
Aalto University
Plassering Espoo, Finland | Søknadsfrist: Jun 30
Postdoctoral Researcher in Computational Electromagnetics (CEM)
The Department of Electronics and Nanoengineering invites applications for a Postdoctoral Researcher in Computational Electromagnetics (CEM). The Department has strong competence in microwave engineering, electromagnetics, radio science and engineering, nanoengineering, and in...
3 days ago | Søknadsfrist: Jun 22
INL - International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory
INL - International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory
Plassering Braga, Portugal | Søknadsfrist: Jun 22
Ref.11.16.84 – Staff Researcher – Tenure Track Position. Water Monitoring and Treatment
Ref.11.16.84 – Staff Researcher – Tenure Track Position. Water Monitoring and Treatment  Employer: Int. Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL)Location: Braga, PortugalContract Duration: Tenure track position with initial appointment for 4 yearsResearch Field: Life SciencesUnit:...
3 days ago | Søknadsfrist: Jun 05
National Institute for Subatomic Physics (NIKHEF)
National Institute for Subatomic Physics (NIKHEF)
Plassering Amsterdam, Netherlands | Søknadsfrist: Jun 05
Tenure track staff physicist in scientific instrumentation
The Nikhef Detector R&D group has a total of five staff and typically two postdocs and about eight PhD students. The group is active in the development of state-of-the-art detector technologies for accelerator-based particle physics and astroparticle physics experiments. In...
3 days ago | Søknadsfrist: Jun 09
Wageningen University and Research
Wageningen University and Research
Plassering Wageningen, Netherlands | Søknadsfrist: Jun 09
Researcher in Applied Physics / Electrical Engineering
An enthusiastic and enterprising researcher in the field of applied physics with an affinity for electrical engineering and food processing technology. Wageningen Food & Biobased Research, part of Wageningen UR, offers a challenging and market-oriented environment where...
3 days ago
Plassering Dübendorf, Switzerland
Postdoc in the field of nanomechanical testing of thin films and small structures
Empa - the place where innovation startsEmpa is the research institute for materials science and technology of the ETH Domain and conducts cutting-edge research for the benefit of industry and the well-being of society. Our Laboratory for Mechanics of Materials and...
4 days ago | Søknadsfrist: Sep 01
Marie Curie ITN SEPOMO
Marie Curie ITN SEPOMO
Plassering Groningen, Netherlands | Søknadsfrist: Sep 01
11 PhD positions in chemistry, physics, material science and electrical engineering
Supported and co-funded by the European Commission through the Horizon 2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie ITN Programme, the SEPOMO network offers 15 high level fellowships for joint research on efficient photovoltaic devices...
4 days ago | Søknadsfrist: Jun 13
University of Konstanz
University of Konstanz
Plassering Konstanz, Germany | Søknadsfrist: Jun 13
Three 2-year Postdoctoral Fellowships (any discipline represented at the University of Konstanz)
The University of Konstanz, with its "Institutional Strategy to Promote Top-Level Research", has been receiving continuous funding since 2007 within the framework of the Excellence Initiative by the German Federal and State Governments. The Zukunftskolleg is a central...