Arkitektur- og designhøgskolen i Oslo (AHO)
Associate Professor / Professor in Design Critique
Arkitektur- og designhøgskolen i Oslo (AHO)
AHO er en vitenskapelig høgskole som gir utdanning innen arkitektur og industridesign og tildeler titlene PhD, master i arkitektur, master i industridesign og master i landskapsarkitektur.
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Publiseringsdato: 17 days ago
Søknadsfrist: mai 15
Plassering: Oslo, Norge
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Associate Professor / Professor in Design Critique

About AHO and Institute of design

The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) is a specialized university and a leading international architecture and design school that provides education within architecture, landscape architecture, urbanism and design. AHOs fields of knowledge focus on design in all scales, objects, buildings, urban areas and landscaping. AHO is organized into four institutes, and has approx. 700 students and 145 employees. 

The Institute of Design adopts a broad, holistic approach todesign that emphasizes the relevance and importance of design within our contemporary society. It teaches and researches within the fields of industrial design, interaction design, service design, and systems oriented design, as well as themes that go across these disciplines, such as healthcare or maritime industry. Our perspective is that good design creates aesthetic and functional products, services, and experiences that delight and improve the lives of their users.The institute has a staff of 38, including PhD fellows and visiting tutors.

About the position

The Institute of Design at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design calls for applications for a permanent 100% position as Associate Professor / Professor with a focus on design critique. The position is connected to the strategic direction of design education and research at the Institute. It is based on identified needs to support and further develop critical and conceptual aspects of design inquiry, criticism and communication, including historiographic and forward-facing perspectives as well as their connection across domains of design. The further development and application of design history and theory is essential to our design educational curriculum and needs to be integrated into our existing programme as well as to augment our research project portfolios and content.  This position is geared towards developing, building and shaping design theory and history and its application at IDE within a wider international framework of transdisciplinary Design Studies.

Design critique covers a diversity of approaches on products, interactions, services and systems. These are also frequently interrelated in our historical perspectives and contemporary approaches to designing, pedagogy and research. Design Studies has expanded considerably in the last fifty years and is now in further need of theoretical and conceptual refinement and elaboration, including the historical. This points to a need to work within and beyond analytical frameworks developed from other disciplinary and interdisciplinary domains and contexts. Central is the interplay of design making and theory generation; much design inquiry is garnered through practice based experimentation and reflection in and on action, drawing together a mix of expertise from within and beyond the academy. It also extends to studies of historical and contextual knowledge via a historiographical view on culture, tools and technologies and ways of knowing in the contexts of design.

The Institute for Design has built up a wide, specific and renowned portfolio of research, with clear location in design practice, co-creation and innovation. This Design Critique position will assist in the development of further theoretical aspects as well as being sensitive to and informed by design legacies, related histories and historiographic matters in design inquiry.Attention too is needed to the development of Design Studies to tacklechanging conditions and contexts that is informed by historical and current knowledge. The position will thus build criticality historiographic ally, by way of inquiry developed across projects and via related thematic research areas. It will also help inform the development of new directions and analytical frameworks across the curriculum and across funded and pilot project types.

Included in the position is the role of design criticism and design communication in pedagogy and research. Design criticism is a needed part of reflecting on and interpreting historical, contemporary and projected aspects of design and especially knowledge gathered through designing. Methodologically, design criticism also covers how we might understand and challenge the cultural aspects of design, as inheritances and as performative, and design’s role in society across histories and futures.

Increasingly part of our extended practical and analytical design literacies and criticism, multimodal communication that connects practice, theory, writing and popular and professional mediation of research and theory building will be central to this position. Pedagogically, our students - especially masters and doctoral levels - also need support in communicating their designs and analyses of them. Experience in teaching, publishing and research in design is needed for this position with attention to design theory, history, modes of communication and criticism.

The position requires an academic research track record in design inquiry that is preferably related to theory building and contexts of critical and interpretive analysis, including histories of practice and practices of history. The Institute of Design is interested in experience and publication in cultural aspects of design and especially perspectives from the Humanities and Digital Humanities. The applicant would need a clear project based research portfolio and pedagogical experience to handle this innovative, interdisciplinary initiative.


We are looking for a highly motivated and early career candidate to:

  • Build theoretical and critical knowledge about design in which relations between theory and practice are central, and between design legacies and current and projected research.
  • To develop, teach and research across the areas of design theory.
  • To work between different design domains, thematics and projects at the Institute of Design
  • To build both specific frameworks and concepts as well as ones furthered and applied through collaborative transdisciplinary inquiry.
  • Support design theory at bachelor level education and especially provide assistance for masters and doctoral students and research projects concerning design history, theory and critique.


The candidate must hold:

  • A master degree preferable within design.
  • A PhD in a design field preferably with relevance to design theory, practice and criticism or equivalent
  • A corresponding portfolio of design based and other research publications and projects.
  • Fluency in a Scandinavian language is a requirement.

The candidate should hold:

  • A high level of knowledge of and practice across design as theory, history and culture
  • Experience in teaching the nominated fields is needed at graduate level
  • Educational qualifications in the form of a university education seminar or other educational education
  • Excellent written and spoken English is required

Personal skills

The desired candidate should identify with the following:

  • Excellent skills in collaboration and communication
  • Being flexible, proactive and solution oriented
  • Excellent pedagogical skills

We offer:

  • A stimulating and international professional environment
  • The Associate professor are paid an annual salary of NOK 579 300-686 900 (salary level 66-75 for a full position), the professor are paid an annual salary of NOK 673 800-838 300 (salary level 74-82 for a full position), depending on qualifications
  • Membership in the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund (a monthly deduction of 2% of gross salary will be made as a contribution to the fund)

 The position will require residency in the Oslo region.


Please submit the application electronically through our website or

Submit the following mandatory material:

  • Application letter (including details as to how the applicant sees their career in terms of developing design critique; this will be central to the interview)
  • List of publications
  • A full Portfolio with relevant projects (about 5 projects)
  • CV
  • Copy of diploma and testimonials 
  • Two references

Application deadline is May 15th 2018.

It is a goal for all state-owned institutions to maintain a balanced mix of age, gender and cultural background, and accommodate for people with disabilities.


Questions can be directed to Head of Institute Professor Rachel Troye: or Professor of Interdisciplinary Design and Director of The Centre for Design Research Andrew Morrison:

For more information about AHO, please visit our website:

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